I just want you to know how much we are enjoying the landscaping you did for us.  We just look at it over our cups of coffee and thank you, not only for the great job, but also for the pleasure of the process of evolving a plan with you.  Enjoy your time with all your wonderful family over Thanksgiving. (November 14, 2015)

Dear Mr.  Carter,

      Recently we received a lovely message from Karen on our answering machine, thanking us for our recent order. We are feeling a little remiss in not contacting you sooner regarding your exceptional staff and first rate plant material.

      Several years ago, we moved to Virginia and began working on our home and gardens. Initially we began by creating some perennial flower beds. Joanna and Heidi were always there to assist and educate us on plants that would flourish here in Virginia. In concert with establishing our flower beds, we also began to acquire shrubs and trees, with superb help from Sandy as well as Galen and Tom. Our most recent purchase included three Fastigiata pines and one Metasequoia. The Metasequoia which Laurie found for us, after some searching, is indeed a magnificent specimen. 

       As always, Robert and Martine installed these trees for us as they have other purchases in the past. During their recent visit, they actually went so far as to plant, and then replant, one of the trees to better suit our needs. In doing so, Robert assured us that Ivy Nursery was not only committed to helping customers find the right plants, but was also committed to getting them placed in just the right location on the property. Needless to say, we are so grateful for their patience and willingness to work with us.

       We can't close without mentioning Loupe and numerous others on your staff who have continued to help us by answering our many  questions and providing helpful advice. 

       Over the years we have lived in a number of states and have worked with many nurseries and their staffs. We have never experienced having expertise so graciously shared, along with the commitment to quality that exists at Ivy Nursery. We are sure, along with customers like us, you are grateful for having such a wonderful staff. 

  Sincerely yours, (October 24, 2016)

Good Morning Midori, 

Herman just delivered the most beautiful orchid arrangement with a lovely Easter theme of new life with eggs, bunnies and a feathered nest. A mini Easter egg hunt in a silver basket.

Thank you. (April 6, 2017)