The greenhouses at Ivy Nursery have the freshest, healthiest, most beautiful plants we can find. Ferns, ivies, succulents, terrarium plants, and large tropical plants, as well as orchids, begonias, and other flowering plants, most from local growers.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT PLANT | Our staff are happy to advise you on care, light requirements, and moisture requirements so that your plants will succeed at home. 

AT THE HOLIDAYS | The greenhouses at the Holidays are brimming with ivy topiaries, paper white narcissus, amaryllis, Christmas cactus, poinsettias, and other plants in bloom.

FLOWERS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS | For luncheons, showers, cocktail parties, dinner parties, rehearsal dinners, or any special occasion, we are happy to help with flowers. We have a large selection of pots and containers, or we can use your containers.

We also create gifts of flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Easter, the Holidays, or "just thinking about you."  Please see the OCCASIONS section for photographs.

SERVICES | We often plant outdoor pots and planters for our customers, plant their terrariums, or simply re-pot a plant that has outgrown its container.

DELIVERY | We offer delivery as well.